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We Offer a Range of
Services to Meet Your Needs


Our specialised services extend to the complete design, drafting, and adept submission of planning applications for any and all livestock units. With a thorough technical understanding of agricultural processes, we ensure a meticulous due diligence process, facilitating the approval of your livestock projects with expertise and efficiency.


Harrison Pick Ltd benefit from over 35 years combined experience in the preparation and submission of applications for a wide spectrum of agricultural development. Our commitment extends to providing tailored advice on the most cost-effective solutions for your proposal, strategically leveraging permitted development whenever feasible


We are rapidly expanding our footprint in the industrial sector, adeptly preparing and submitting applications on both allocated and non-allocated sites. Our recent accomplishments encompass diverse projects such as the construction of a builders merchants, a steel fabrication unit, a blacksmith's workshop, and the expansion of a workshop dedicated to the production of subsea control solutions.


Whilst we are perhaps best known for our rural and agricultural expertise,

our wealth of experience extends seamlessly into urban development. Recent applications encompass diverse projects such as retail spaces, offices, a children's nursery, and farm shops, demonstrating our ability to operate across a wide spectrum of commercial endeavors.


Whether it's glamping, holiday parks, caravan sites, or traditional camping, we provide a comprehensive turnkey planning package to facilitate the successful attainment of planning permission for your site.


We have considerable experience and a proven track record in successfully navigating and submitting applications for renewable energy developments, be it biomass boilers, onshore wind turbines, ground mounted solar, or AD plants, we can ensure a streamlined process and optimal outcomes for sustainable projects.


While not always the 'silver bullet' it is perceived to be, we have achieved notable success in the submission of Class Q applications, converting numerous redundant buildings into residential spaces. Recent accomplishments include the transformation of a disused pig unit and a traditional farm building.


We recognise the necessity for change and diversification to ensure financial sustainability. Our strategic position within the sector uniquely qualifies us not only to prepare and submit diversification plans on your behalf but also to offer some insights on potential opportunities and current market trends.

Planning permission obtained for a poultry unit
Planning permission obtained for a ground mounted solar scheme
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